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Prior Lucas Rosé

Prior Lucas Rosé

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Bairrada DOC

Tart, Delicate, Creamy

This sparkling rosé is made entirely from the indigenous Portuguese grape varietal called Baga, which is a hallmark of the Bairrada region of central coastal Portugal where the wine is made. This thin-skinned dark red grape requires a skilled and careful hand in order to be made into wines of quality, and as such was historically underappreciated. However, in recent years it has come to be recognized for its tremendous potential for creating high-acid wines of tremendous elegance, nuance, and balance. This sparking rosé from Prior Lucas is one such wine, showcasing Rui Lucas’ deep familiarity with the indigenous grapes of his region and profound experience in harnessing their potential. This wine shows dynamic acidity and tannin structure along with a delicate balance of red fruit, sharp minerality, and creaminess.

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