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Bosch Pear, Clover, River Rock

Hugo Campos is an exceptional winemaker from the Alentejo region and the full scope of his ability is encapsulated in this fascinating white blend from his vineyards outside of the town of Estremoz. Campos vinifies his white blends based on the type of soil in which the grapes are grown, highlighting his intimate knowledge of his vineyards and the beautiful nuanced differences that these soils will contribute to the finished wines. This wine, a blend of Antão Vaz, Arinto, and Roupeiro, transports the drinker to the time and place on Earth where it was made. The citrus-driven acidity combines with elements of intense minerality that are softened by the creaminess that an extended period in French oak barrels contributes to the wine. As the wine breathes it changes and develops in fascinating ways that make enjoying a bottle a truly dynamic and memorable experience.

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